Anti-fog solution for swimming goggles SPRAY&SWIM

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Anti-fog solution for swimming goggles SPRAY&SWIM

- Composition: 95% Water 2% Methylchloroisothiazolinone 2% Methylisothiazolinone 0.5% Amphoteric surfactants 0.5% Nonionic surfactants

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Instant anti-fog. Spray and swim.
Reactivates your goggles anti-fog coating.
Quicker, more effective and practical than the traditional anti-fog sprays. New revolutionary formula that delivers an extraordinary clarity of vision.
Spray onto the lenses from a distance of about 20 cm.
No need to rinse or wait.
Safe formula.
Made in Italy.
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  • It works!!
  • I have not used this yet, as my goggles are new but it should solve the problem of fogging.